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We are a professional and proactive company. We recognise that our people are key to successful project delivery and to satisfying our customer needs. We are passionate about building the talents of our existing people and attracting the best and brightest new talent to our business.RCB Group breathes life into new and existing commercial and public buildings and other infrastructure markets. We have been providing fully integrated, sustainable construction solutions for the most complex and demanding mechanical, electrical and public health engineering, and infrastructure services. We have built a reputation for high quality delivery and engineering excellence.

Residential Kitchen installation in London

In recent years we have taken on a number of our own developments. These include new builds, loft conversions, extensions and flat renovations. Through these, we have gained a wealth of knowledge in the areas of project management and design. We are happy to offer advice on buying and renovating an investment property. Not only that, but we also monitor their work on an ongoing basis by collecting feedback directly from their customers. Over recent years we have had a growing number of requests for other types of services. You can expect the same level of honesty and excellence and we trust you will find these additional Residential services a useful addition to our core business of bringing quality tradespeople and consumers together.

Our market leading reputation is built on a long history of successful projects across all sectors of the construction industry. We have extensive experience in the design, planning, construction and refurbishment of a range of social and economic infrastructure. Our in-depth local knowledge helps us to meet these challenges and create opportunities for the communities our projects touch. From roads and railways to Residential Kitchen installation. Airports to academies. Schools to universities and hospitals through to commercial facilities we understand the challenges involved in delivering quality projects of all sizes.

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Residential Kitchens in Greater London - Residential services

At RCB Group we work closely with our Clients, their architects, designers and consultants to manage the highest quality commercial and industrial projects. Whether procured through traditional methods or on a design & build contract, we create premises that are tailor-made for efficiency and value. Through focused project management we ensure the highest levels of communication with our Clients as we take the journey on a project together. So if you want to convert an old property in a project with maximum income, you have to contact us. The range of commercial construction services delivered truly reflects the diversity of our expertise and the breadth of our Clients’ needs. Some schemes require a residential turn-key solution whereas others demand higher levels of sustainability reflected.

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We have been praised for our special attention to detail and our ability to provide knowledge driven and cost saving solutions for the most construction projects. We are recognized for our strength in traditional construction methods and for our creative, fresh approach to cutting edge technologies and delivery systems. We work with the Client and the design team in the early phase of drawings, to provide value engineering and suggestions for constructability, budget and scheduling. Within our Preconstruction Residential services, we act as a value-added member of the design team, enhancing the design segment of the job by providing accurate pricing information and marrying the budget to the actual design.

Residential Bathroom installation in London

For new homeowners or Residential Kitchen installation, properties, new builds give way to additional living spaces and a higher quality of life. At RCB Group, we are new home builders with experience providing flexible construction services throughout London, UK. We meet any budget restraints for new builds, and our experts are capable of handling a wide variety of new developments from the ground up, including: New Kitchens Homes, Bungalows, Semi/detached houses, Commercial buildings, Garden offices. That renovations must be made with maximum reliability, and for that we make projects, and count on clients proposal. Whether you have a complete set of architectural drawings or a note pad of your ideas, our builders can help you achieve your construction goals. We are able to adapt and customize to your needs, and rarely ever is there a new building project we cannot do.

Offering a comprehensive range of construction services enables us to tailor a delivery system which matches our clients' needs, goals and budget. Moreover, we have the ability to self-perform many aspects of our work, giving us greater control over the schedule and allowing us to truly drive the project.We achieve this through our experienced staff of residential building professionals, which has been cultivated over the past years When it comes to finding the right residential construction company in United Kingdom area, RCB GROUP is your professional choice. For years, RCB GROUP has been providing new and existing homeowners in London custom construction Residential services.

We manage all of the processes required to complete your construction project from demolition and hauling to material delivery, installation, and building. We conduct regular project meetings to ensure that the highest standards are being maintained from project start to project finish. And, as management leaders, we consult and work with client architects and engineers closely to ensure quality finished projects.Please contact us about any of our services you are interested in and we will gladly answer any questions, provide consultation, or visit with you to complete an on-site estimate of proposed project work to complete. Whether you are starting a new project, adding to an existing project, or are in the process of a project, we are ready to work with you. We can customize our services to meet your needs.

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